Absolut Ruaha

The lions were still feeding on the 4 buffaloes carcasses, still a great sighting because three out of four buffs were still with a lot of meat. Was not as spectacular as yesterday but still stunning, not a single hyena is here yet, vultures and jackals still spectators of the show.
Lions and buffaloes is an endless war, so when we spotted 4 lions sleeping close to the old airstrip with a small herd of buffs close by a rush of adrenaline run down my spine, I thought something was meant to happen in the evening but we could not wait all day there so we left but I called Owen in.
Just before these lions a big male cheetah was nicely dozing in the shade of a rain tree close to the ruaha river, it was a bit far but we had clear view.

When we left the lions and the buffs we went to mbagi. Moving towards that direction we were lucky enough to watch a lilac breasted roller swallowing a lizard. later on in the forest we found a young leopard cub, she is the relaxed one that gave us so much so far, she was on a sausage tree and she was gorgeous. She moved on the branch, she changed branch and she kept watching us with her stunning green eyes.
In the afternoon we saw the kwihala pride in the mbagi forest, we spent some time watching elephants at lulenga juu while flocks of doves were going to drink and back and then on the way to camp Festo spotted a beautiful blond male lion in the river bed... but as if was not enough Evander and Holy were waiting us in the sand at w7, Owen called me saying that the lions I told him about killed a buffalo's calf and he managed to roll it and while guests were having our deserved gin and tonic a male lion started roaring close by, invisible in the fading light....
It i not possible to explain a day like this.... Absolut Ruaha.

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