Alessandra is leaving tomorrow, she stayed here three weeks, she came twice with me as a guest and wanted to help in a camp for free for a longer period of time. It was very good fun having her around and the guys simply loved her. Is not always easy to manage and guide, when the camp is busy is really hard but with her around I could concentrate much more on guiding because she was looking after the camp. It was really great having her here both personally and jobwise. She is a special person.
Morning with cheetahs and lions, the spotted cubs spoiled their mother's hunt as usual and as usual again the lions were sleeping.

We had small things as our treat, oxpeckers on zebras, dik diks and many other little sightings. In the afternoon we went out also with Ale and we found other sleeping lions but she was super happy because alone she spotted two Giant eagle owls in the canopy of a rain tree...and owls are her favourites.


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