Leopard, Honey Badger, Bat Eared Fox, Cheetah, Lion, Black Back Jackal, Spotted Hyena

We drove the road down from camp, car full my super nice crew of 6 guests. It's col this morning and we greet the sun with joy as it appears between the doum palms. Sunrise is beautiful, perfect for pictures, so we stopped to take one and in that exact moment, one of the crew spotted something crossing the sand river, a big male leopard. Awsome spot, brief sighting but leopard is always special. We kept driving towards the main river and... my beloved one... the honey badger, another brief but intense sighting. After this, relaxed bat eared foxes.
Towards the confluence was cheetah time, a nice one run from an open area in front of the bush and disappeared into the bushes. A sleepy lioness was the following sighting at white rocks.
In the afternoon we got a black back jackal out of camp and again lions, a wonderful pride of 6 female one wounded young male and two funny cubs. This was a proper show, females walking cubs playing, they even tried to climb a small blue bush... super coool.
We spent one hour with them and eventually got a spotted hyena in the way back.
This park is insane.... and if you have super nice people in the car is even better

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