sio maisha

Wake up at 5.30 again, getting out of bed was a huge battle with myself.
We went down to mbagi at sunrise and found fresh spoors of a male lion, we followed them on the road for around two km and found the lazy big boy dozing in the middle of the track. We stopped and enjoyed our tenth lion sighting in the last 5 days.
Later on we had a close look at a big breeding herd of elephants counting at least 30 individuals, they were a bit skittish but not enough to run, and strangely there were 2 big bulls amongst the females and they didn’t look interested in the cows. We had also another encounter with a bull some km later and we had to discuss a bit, but we talked him out of his bad purposes. Sometimes bulls are just showing off for nothing.
The drive was pleasant, and we were pleased to see bat eared foxes again in the same spot of the other day, they were 5, one adult and four pups. I think we can definitely confirm that they have their den in that precise termite mound, it will be good for future guests.


Pretty ladies (Cleome hirta) are everywhere creating pinkish clouds amongst the green grass.
The same grass is getting taller now and ellies are coming back to feed on it, we saw one herd that had already crossed the ruaha and another one that was busy crossing, this will make my life easier and my drives better, because elephants are always rewarding and always doing something so are a pleasure to watch and explain.
We waved to guests when the plane took off and went back to camp, we got a nice Green milkweed locust and the beautiful Knob billed duck (comb duck nowdays).
Lazy afternoon, identifying flowers.

Mark, one of the trainee guides, received very bad news from home, all he told me was , ni maisha bwana, this is the life. I would like to be as strong as he is. I shall pray for him.

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