The buffalo cries

Here is a buffalo bull, sitting in the drainage line, i thin and deep drainage line. The sun is scorchino, the air still.
His eyes are wide open, stricken with panic and shock, lions are behind him, already feeding on his back side.
Is part of Kipunji and they are not good buffalo hunters, the bull is there, already doomed but still they are not able to finish it, they move back and forth, they do not there to get close to his horns, they do not dare to get into its field of vision because every time they do he reacts and tries to trash them.
Every now and then one lion get bolder but soon reatreats. The buffalo cries, a loud bellowing, a disperate one, and then another after some minutes, and then another again after some more minutes, there is pain and fear in that sound.
The time passes, minute after minute the agony goes on, fifteen, thirty, forty minutes and more, now the eye are slowly changing color, from pitch black they become dark green, oil color, the light is fading, the eyes get paler and paler, the head lower and lower till the last bit of life is gone and the eyes are sparkless….

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